Texas as a Confederate State

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 Texas as a Confederate State
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America's finest finally taking orders from a President who is a real man and cares about our country.  We just had the worst civil government in our history run by dope heads, hippies, political radicals, feminists, Euro-lovers, thieves, criminal types, and people who hate the U.S.  None of them ever did any real work for a wage in their lives.  GO MR. TRUMP!  Drain the swamp.  Keep the Islams out of our country.  Bring our jobs back. Take care of our fighting men.  Make our country great again. Thank you, Sir!

"Trump the Hammer"

Mr. Trump greeting an armless soldier.  What a President!

President Trump with armless soldier


1. If you have done anything bad or are a mental case, you cannot legally possess a firearm.  If you are unsure what "bad" or "mentally ill" means, read the instructions for this form here.  We are careful to obey all laws and regulations concerning the transfer and use of firearms.  If we suspect that you are up to no-good, be assured that you will be reported to the authorities who, now thanks to President Trump, will actually do something unlike the lawless gang that ruled our country for eight years.

2. We can legally receive weapons of any kind from anywhere/anyone.  We are also licensed by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, and can legally transfer/receive firearms to/from that state.

3. Handguns should be shipped UPS or FEDEX 2nd day air or USPS Priority Mail.  Rifles may be shipped by any means.  Be sure to insure all shipments.  If you have purchased a class III weapon (machinegun, silencer, etc.), contact us for help, if you need it.

4. If you purchase a weapon over the Internet and the seller is a Federally licensed dealer (like us), he will request our license details. We take care of that. All we need is his email address (preferably) or FAX number. All others only need our address to be in compliance with the law. We can still send them our paperwork, if they desire.

5. When we receive your weapon(s), we will contact you. Then a.) You must come to our premises, b.) Pay for the weapon or the transfer fee, c.) Complete the required paperwork (it must be done at our premises), d.) Get government approval to receive a firearm (not required if you have a Concealed Handgun License).  e.) Only then can you take possession of your weapon(s).  f.) If it applies, active-duty fighting men who are not Texas residents must furnish us a copy of their orders stationing them at Ft. Bliss. g.) Cost: $40 for non-class III weapons.  $70 for all class III weapons.

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Anarchists, revolutionaries, Yankees, leftists, Socialists, Communists, feminists, androgynous perverts, welfare or drug addicts, Democrats, wussy Republicans, or other enemies of the U.S. Constitution.

Speaking Truth

"Speaking truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell.  We live in a time of universal deceit.

American women are still 2nd class citizens -- Feminists want all the benefits of republican government and free enterprise but are unwilling to do the heavy-lifting required by Federal law of all young men.  (That's MEN -- have your DNA checked if this is unclear.)  The feminists are silent about requiring all women 18 years of age and over to register in the Selective Service System a.k.a. for the draft.  They want "equal pay for equal work" but not "equal death for mandatory military service."  For every woman fatality during the Viet Nam War, 10,000 men died.  Unfortunately, women are the majority of voters -- and most elect the rascals that send men to their deaths on some battlefield while they remain safe at home.  This is a brutal tyranny.  Only those who have registered for the draft should be allowed to vote in any election.  Men that send women into frontline combat are cowards and put political correctness ahead of the long term social and cultural health of our country.  - Mad Had

Criminal gangs running our government -- They have been thrown out -- for now.  But they are still around and still influential and remain opposed to the foundational principles laid out in the United States Constitution.  Neo-Marxism will never be compatible with what the Founding Fathers of the United States created, despite the efforts of lawyers (now judges) who have created a new, functional "constitution" a.k.a. "a living document" based on their Marxist principles." - Mad Had

"People don't realize how much they are in the grip of ideas. We live among ideas much more than we live in nature." - Saul Bellow

"...destructive and irresponsible freedom has been granted boundless space [in the U.S.].  Society has turned out to have scarce defense against the abyss of human decadence, for example against the misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people, such as motion pictures full of pornography, crime, and horror." - A. Solzhenitsyn

The Founding Fathers: "There was not one out of ten high officials in the three branches of the Federal Government under the Obama regime who would not have been deposed, jailed, or hanged by the Founders of the United States." - Mad Had

Yankee Imperialism: People have a right to their own culture, including the Yankees, but it is wrong to force it on others.  This is why wars start.  Just listen to the Mexicans.  Until the Yankees go home and stay there, there will be no peace, especially in the Western Hemisphere. - Mad Had

Yankee Nazis:  "If they are extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York."  - New York governor Andrew Cuomo.  Who are "they"? Semi-auto gun owners, pro-lifers, pro-heterosexual marriage people, and other God-fearing folk.  Mr. Cuomo:  Before you spoke the words, I did not want a place in your Nazi-style state.  Furthermore, you and your Yankee friends have no place in Texas or any other Southern state.  If the reader of this has the misfortune to live in Yankee-land and are a "they", we Texans welcome you.  Emigrate ASAP.  You will be glad you did.  For those who remain, we all wish you the best but you are swimming upstream in filth.

Gun Rights: "Only because we have gun rights has it prevented the U.S. from becoming a vast concentration camp." - Ground Zero radio show.

When Women Run Things:  In large parts of the country, especially the left-coast and the northeast, men look like women and women look like men.  When women run things, this is what happens, including forcing young men to register for the draft while they are exempt.  What hypocrites.  We in the South, in other "Red States", and those in most of the world, especially all of Asia, consider this a perversion.  - Mad Had

Yankee Intolerance: Most Democrats, leftists, liberals, Europeans, and Yankees are like the Nazis and the Pharisees -- arrogant, intolerant, blind, want to take over the world, and think they are doing a service to humanity.  Like Stalin, they won't quit their dirty work no matter how bad things get.  Meanwhile they will do all they can to silence and destroy good men and women.  This is a character problem which is not fixable by an peaceful means. - Mad Had

Lazy Americans: If you don't have a job, get one.  Meanwhile, don't sit around living off the labors of others.  You can pick up trash from the public highways.  At least you are doing something for the common good.  - Mad Had

Democrat Thieves:  The Democrat party and their cronies have been stealing this country.  They do it by making voters out of millions of ignorant, slavish people who refuse to take care of themselves, learn English, and/or act responsibly.  They collect free medical benefits, have free housing and food, and other sorts of welfare that must be paid for by the rest of us.  Many of them are here illegally, are criminals in their own countries, and barely speak English, if at all.  They know nothing of our Constitution, political freedom, respect for law, and personal and financial responsibility.  Worst of all, the illegal immigrants import the bankrupt cultures of the places they left.  If this continues, we will all be reduced to paupers and servants of the Democrat party thugs and their crony capitalists, neither of whom care about the U.S. middle class.  Nonetheless, there are those who want to emigrate here and become good citizens and work hard but the Democrats and many Republicans have kept them out. - Mad Had

A Job for Mr. Trump:  Defend our Constitution from our domestic enemies -- the thieves, political radicals, hippies, and dope heads who seized our government, especially those in the Federal Judiciary.  Thank you. - Mad Had (Note: It looks like he is doing this.)

Yankee Underhandedness:  Yankees defend and protect evil behavior by encouraging non-whites to play the "race-card".  It is one of the tools that they use to attack their enemies, sow internal unrest,  and divide people.  - Mad Had

Hate Speech:  Democrats are the party of lies, distortion, misinformation, and fear.  When they accuse people of "hate speech" they really mean speech which is critical of their own leftist evil views.  The Democrats are like the people in Orwell's "1984" -- experts in twisting and misusing the English language for their own purposes.  They dress in nice suits with handsome ties and look so respectable.  Like Stalin's henchmen, President Trump needs to depose them and stop their rampage through our culture. - Mad Had

Homosexuals:  Who are these people?  How do you prove you are a homosexual?  If I am a black man, for example, I just have to show up.  If I am a woman, it gets tougher.  In the West, men can spend tens of thousands of $$$, grow boobs, and have their manhood removed.  But if I say I am "gay", how do I prove it?  Hump some man in front of a camera?  I am waiting to see the proof.  It's all about behavior but this is entirely lost on the senseless people that run the culture.  Meanwhile, these deviants scare most women (and men who act like women) to death -- they are violent, wealthy, and well-organized.  However, in the end, they will not defend any culture but their own.  They are like men who rape small children but these people rape entire cultures, instead.  It is why most nations that have existed over the long haul punish these perverts severely, including death.  But the West is in a fit of self-destruction.  Will we be around in 50 years?  It's doubtful. - Mad Had

Our Texas:  We can only hope that Mr. Trump will appoint Federal judges who actually love, respect, and obey the U.S. Constitution including the X Amendment.  Our country is federation, not an empire of the Left.

Bankrupt Cultures: Good men who happen to be black are confronted by a white Yankee culture that is becoming as bankrupt as their own.  Is it any wonder that more and more of them embrace Islam? - Mad Had

Rights for Soldiers: If a man is old enough to carry a machinegun, fight Muslims somewhere in the world, and face the prospect of getting maimed or killed doing it, he is old enough to own a pistol and drink a beer.  But until women (and men who act like women) are stopped from running the country, this is not going to change. - Mad Had

A Feminist Lesbian Speaks Out: "If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts." - Feminist & Lesbian Camille Paglia

Black Culture: Black culture throughout the world is one of the most violent, depraved, and bankrupt the world has known.  How can anyone celebrate welfare dependency, debauchery, drug use, and personal irresponsibility?  Ninety percent of all American blacks are born out of wedlock.  If you are a black man, you need to abandon your cultural heritage and reject the Democrat party's determination to make all blacks dependent on government.  Anything is better. - Mad Had

The Myth of Freedom of Speech:  Yankees will claim they believe in "freedom of speech" -- but only as long as it agrees with their own opinions.  - Mad Had

Bad Bugs Running the Show: State and Federal capitals attract bad men in the same way honey does flies.  Now we have a fly problem with bugs that have their hands on superior deadly force.  This is a serious crisis for all good citizens. - Mad Had

Snowball headed for Hell:  "Are we rolling down hill like a snowball headed for Hell?  With no kind of chance for the Flag or the Liberty Bell?" - Merle Haggard - Are The Good Times Really Over? Lyrics

Senseless Voters:  American voters, the majority of which are women, have shown year after year that they lack sense.  How can this be fixed?  How do you fix a nation full of women who think Ellen deGenerate is some sort of role-model?  How do you fix a soul-less culture of death and depravity? - Mad Had

Bad Men:  There are bad black men.  There are bad white, Latin, and Asian men.  Bad men are everywhere.  But this is lost on the racist legislation against whites that Yankees and their collaborators have forced on us and the legal system.  - Mad Had

The Innocent Must Pay:  One of the Yankee beliefs is that the descendants of bad men must pay for the crimes of the dead.  This and a host of other evils have made Americans as a whole hated by good men everywhere in the world. - Mad Had

Leave Us Alone:  Most non-Yankees in the world have this in common: they want to be left alone.  But the Yankee, his inner-city slavish dependents, and the crony-capitalist fascist types will do anything, including use deadly force, to press on with their goal of world cultural domination.  Hillary Clinton, has made this clear.  It is only by God's grace that this evil shrew did not become President. - Mad Had

Yankee Definition of Freedom: When the Yankee speaks of "freedom" he does not mean freedom from political and cultural tyranny but freedom to engage in all sorts of vice and criminal schemes, the goals of the latter being to rob one man of the fruit of his labors and hand it over to another.  These snakes, like the Soviets, spend their time misusing the language in order to make criminal activity sound good.  Like Barack Hussein Obama, they are talkers and deceivers and, too often, have the ability to back it all up with the use of deadly force.  The Founding Fathers and other good citizens would have labeled them as brutal tyrants. - Mad Had

Saul Bellow on the left coast:  "In Los Angeles all the loose objects in the country were collected, as if America had been tilted and everything that wasn't tightly screwed down had slid into Southern California."

Homeowner's shotgun -- criminals fear this!