Texas as a Confederate State

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Texas as a Confederate State

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We also deal in Class III weapons e.g. machineguns & silencers

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1. If you have done anything really bad or are a mentally ill, you cannot legally possess a firearm.  If you are unsure what this means, you may read the instructions for this form here.  We are careful to obey all laws and regulations concerning the transfer and use of firearms.  Any suspicious activity will be promptly reported to the authorities.

2. We can legally receive weapons of any kind from anywhere/anyone.  We are also licensed by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, and can legally transfer/receive firearms to/from that state.

3. Handguns should be shipped UPS or FEDEX 2nd day air or USPS Priority Mail.  Rifles may be shipped by any means.  Be sure to insure all shipments.  If you have purchased a class III weapon (machinegun, silencer, etc.), contact us for help, if you need it.

4. If you purchase a weapon over the Internet and the seller is a Federally licensed dealer (like us), he will request our license details. We take care of that. All we need is his email address (preferably) or FAX number. All others only need our address to be in compliance with the law. We can still send them our paperwork, if they desire.

5. When we receive your weapon(s), we will contact you. Then a.) You must come to our premises, b.) Pay for the weapon or the transfer fee, c.) Complete the required paperwork (it must be done at our premises), d.) Get government approval to receive a firearm (not required if you have a Concealed Handgun License).  e.) Only then can you take possession of your weapon(s).  f.) If it applies, active-duty fighting men who are not Texas residents must furnish us a copy of their orders stationing them at Ft. Bliss. g.) Cost: $40 for non-class III weapons.  $70 for all class III weapons.

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